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StayALERT School Safety Program Logo and Slogan. You are the eyes in helping keep your school safe

What is StayALERT?

  • StayALERT is our school district's bi-lingual, confidential, safety reporting service.  StayALERT provides students, parents of students, school and district administrators, teachers, and staff a means to confidentially report school-related safety concerns. The StayALERT reporting tool is available 24-7-365.  

Who may create a report and how are they submitted to stayALERT?

Any student, teacher, faculty, parent of student, or local community member may submit a report.  StayALERT has four modes of reporting a concern:

How are reported concerns handled or processed?

  • Reports received by stayALERT are quickly screened and then communicated verbatim back to a pre-designated district administrator, who reviews the report and follows the district's procedures for handling the concern.  StayALERT is a reporting tool and does not provide counseling services or other guidance.  As a reporting tool, StayALERT gathers information from reports to facilitate follow-up decisions by the appropriate party.  All reports to StayALERT are handled in a confidential manner.

What can be reported through StayALERT?

Any school safety concern may be reported to StayALERT.  Examples of reports received are:

  • Bullying
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Weapons
  • Student Conflict
  • Drug or Alcohol Use
  • Vandalism
  • Inappropriate Behaviors
  • Any School Safety or Security Concern

Why do we have StayALERT?

  • Our district desires to maintain the safest working and learning environment possible.  StayALERT is one additional means to promote and encourage school safety.

Is StayALERT an emergency reporting line?

  • Definitely not.  Dial 911 if the safety concern is an emergency.