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Talking to Your Kids about Social Media

Because student safety is our top priority, Mineral Wells ISD provides lessons to students on Internet and social media safety.  In addition, we encourage you to have a conversation with your child about responsible Internet use and to monitor what he or she is posting.

Use these suggested talking points to get started.

Questions for Younger Kids

  • What are your favorite social media sites? (Always know the social media sites your children are using -- some require users to be at least 13. Allowing them to sign up earlier sends the message it's OK to break rules.)
  • What are your friends doing online?
  • What are the coolest websites?
  • Would you show me your favorite sites?
  • What do you know about cyberbullying?
  • How do you show self-respect and respect for others online?
  • When you've been online, have you ever seen anything weird or that made you feel uncomfortable?
  • Who are some trusted adults you could go to if you receive an inappropriate photo via e-mail, social media or text? (Make sure they know not to forward the photo to other friends.)

Questions for Older Kids

  • You're leaving a digital footprint in all your online interactions. What does your footprint say about you?
  • Do you really know everyone on your friends list?
  • Do you ever get messages from strangers? How do you handle them?
  • Who has access to your personal information? Do you share others' personal information?
  • Do you know anyone who had been talking to someone online and went to meet that person offline?
  • Are your friends or acquaintances ever mean to each other online or on their phones? What do they say? Have they ever been mean to you? Would you tell me if they were?
  • Sometimes kids take nude or sexy photos and send to others. Has that ever happened at your school?